Broadway Dance Program For Youth

From 1993 to 2004, the Debra Weiss Dance Company's Nyack Arts Exposure program offered children and teens professional training in dance and musical theatre after school and over the summer. In 2017, the Debra Weiss Dance Company founded a new after school program, Broadway Dance, for students in grades 3-9, near its new satellite office in Boca Raton, Florida. Students learn routines from musicals such as Hairspray and Shrek. Students perform in the community, at parks, youth centers, and special events, including Martin Luther King Day.
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Earth Day Program: The Trees Are Singing!

Celebrate Earth Day with "The Trees are Singing!" (Los Arboles Cantan), a program of dance, poetry, and live drumming with beautiful costumes and props that will enchant students. It celebrates the beauty of spring, when trees bring forth new leaves. "Blue Sky" (Cielo Azul) is a duet dance with a billowing blue fabric that celebrates the great outdoors and keeping our air clean. "Colors of the Rainbow" (Colores de Arco Iris) displays the vibrant colors of the rainbow as dancers swirl long Chinese streamers. "Lotus Flower" (Flor de Loto) depicts the peaceful beauty of a white flower floating on a lake. Audience members are invited to portray trees in the rain forest!

Gotta Dance!

Gotta Dance!, is a joyful dance program for seniors, nursing homes, and hospitals. It lifts spirits with ballet, tap dance, and Motown dances performed in beautiful costumes with live music. Audience members participate in singalongs and “chair’ dances.

America Dances!

In America Dances! the Debra Weiss Dance Company performs a social history of US dance and fashion, from the courtly Minuet to the Jazz Age Charleston, Motown moves, and Merengue. In the 1800s, ladies’ fashions featured corsets, long gowns, and gloves. After women got the vote in 1920, they threw away their corsets and shortened their skirts, allowing more freedom of movement. The 1960s brought in Motown and freestyle dances like the Bugaloo and Swim. In recent decades, the Latin influence has made Salsa and Merengue staples of American dance.

Family Programs

Fun for the whole family! Audience participation. Residencies include workshops.

Fish Tales
Enter a magical underwater world! Watch the Discontented Fish dive into the ocean, where she is chased by a hungry Shark! Find out how Fly saved the river from Moose, and Turtle tricked Beaver in a race.

Fish Tales explores the culture of the Hudson River Valley and NY Harbor through dance, narration, colorful costumes and music. Grade K-5.


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